Arachnida - il fascino segreto di ragni e scorpioni


This exposition has been shown in four italian cities (Bergamo, Pisa, Genova and Carmagnola). Each time it was seen by 9000-11000 visitors. Arachnida is dedicated to Spiders, Scorpions and other Arachnids that populate the little-worlds-in-the-World. The first desing has been ideated by Aracnofilia – Italian Arachnological Society and the Natural History Museum of Bergamo (Italy).
This exposition features 12 vivariums with different and interesting species, which are unique and particular among others. Together with the live animals, a total of 14 panels talk about biology, history, psicology and many other fields of study. Spiders and Arachnids in general have always had a strong appeal to human beings, generating both fear and wonder.
Since the Genova’s exposition a photographic show by Emanuele Biggi and Francesco Tomasinelli has been added. This photo-exhibit is not a normal “good-single-picture” esposition. Each panel tells a story about a particular aspect of  Arachnids life, using pictures and text in a new manner to intend photographic shows.

photographic exposition Arachnida

For the Genova edition a very cute and interesting work has been done by a group of asylum children, guided by Simonetta Maione. They started from some pictures by the authors to give birth to personally manifactured metal sculptures, paintings and “thoughts” about the Arachnid world. This part of the show has then been exposed and has been a great part of the work

a dancer of pizzica taranta during the night of the Tarantella

To complete the work, Arachnida also features conferences and hands-on laboratories like:

  • The superpowers of spiders: from Spiderman to the real spiders. A conference dedicated to the unreal world of the Spiderman’s superpowers and how they could be interpretated in the real Spiders world.
  • Spiders in action!: a conference/laboratory about the biology of Arachnids, shown with the help of pc presetation, short videos, live interaction with animals and childrens.
  • Tarantola and tarantella: a conference about the raising of the Tarantola myth. In the same evening a traditional music/dance company performs dances and songs like “pizzica-taranta”. In this manner science meets tradition and myth, mixing the nature knowledge in a very intriguing way.