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Emanuele BiggiThis site belongs to Emanuele Biggi, nature lover and photographer since young. I ended my universitary studies with a final work about the biology of Bombina pachypus (the italian fire bellied toad). I’ve also a Ph.D in Environmental Sciences, with a Ph.D work about the role of a thyroid hormone in the lipid metabolism of  bony fishes.
My passion for nature induced me to engage in various ways and wildlife photography is my main instrument to show how nature can be unique and necessary to human being. I’m also involved in ethological studies and the research side in general, always keeping in mind the communication of science. Science Communication is an necessary tool for nature preservation. I always try to be severe with myself, trying to upgrade my image’s quality and my communication skills and keeping in mind both what the society expect from my work and what I expect from the society itself. I do it firstly to better show the wonderful world around us and because I believe that’s the best work in the world.

Many thanks to my family and to all the friends and masters that added something more to my life and my passion, you know who you are! (this is the best way to not forget anyone!!)

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