Here’s a list of various mediatic works I did in conferences, TV, radio shows and so on. This part of my work is rather new,  nonetheless interesting and maybe useful to fight indifference for conservation and the wildlife world in general.


I’m presently working as a tv presenter of the Italian show “GEO in the state tv channel RAI 3. This has been a major update since september 2013, cause it happens to be one of the biggest shows in Italy related to nature, geography and human society. We also present very good documentaries about animals and nature in general. The tv show goes live each day monday-friday for three hours: 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Trebisonda (Rai Tre, Italy)
I worked in “Trebisonda” for almost two seasons. Here I put just some samples of what I did in that program.

- Tartarughe dalle orecchie rosse

- Gufi e strigiformi

- Tarantole

Wild Oltrenatura
I worked there three times in 2010-2011 and for the whole 2012 season (14 episodes)

Sorry, I have no sample for this program, cause they don’t want me to share any copyrighted content.


 La grande fuga on DeAsapere Channel on Sky HD
I presented the whole program that’s on air now on 2013 and talks about animals and they intelligence to find a way to escape from captivity or dangerous situations. I also interviewed keeper from zoos about animals intelligence and habits.


Radio is a very powerful tool to convey infos and interests together with passion and love for the matter. I really love this type of media and I look forward to work with it in the future.

Moebius scienza (Radio24, Italy)
I met the Moebius journalist, Chiara Albicocco after a conference I held during the 2010 Festival della Scienza in Genoa (Italy) and I soon became their “bugs and stuff” expert. They call me when something related to the small world appears in science.

- I Ragni saltatori e la loro vista, le nuove scoperte dal Giappone (dalla puntata del 12 febbraio 2012)

- Ragni e ragnatele (settembre 2011)

- Bagheera kiplingi il ragno vegetariano (gennaio 2010)

- Intervista al Festival della Scienza (dal minuto 6:30)