New sponsor for my work: LED LENSER!

I’m pretty excited to announce a┬ánew sponsor, a bit different from my other partners, cause it’s not directly related to “photography”. Anyway, it’s always “light” we’re talking about and I would like to introduce the great LED LENSER brand among my supporters, one of the best torches manufacturers around! They sent me some of their material some days ago and while I already knew some of their stuff, I didn’t resist and I went try the new one inside a cave. I can tell it’s reeeeeaally good stuff. I’ll be more accurate soon here and on my social networks pages, but that’s really professional material, with a eco-friendly attitude (rechargeable batteries, different energy usage programs and much more). I’ll bring it to my workshops too of course, so it will be possible for the students to test it by themselves.
It’s quite a huge addition to my equipment, cause as a naturalist specialized to smaller animals and as a wildlife photographer I’m often out on the field at night, or inside caves to document the secretive cave life.

(photo courtesy of Fabio Pupin)