Here below you can find the partners I work with and support for their reliability, point of view and/or support on my work.

Feisol is a young tripod and accessories producer since 2002 but yet they gained a true respect among photographers, thanks to their high-quality products. Their know-how derives from their long experience on carbon fiber construction, their tripods and heads are an amazing mixture of sturdiness and light-weight. NOTE: put “biggi10″ on your order’s notes when purchasing from Feisol Europe official store and you’ll get a 10% refund of the costs.


¬†Think Tank Photo¬†manufactures really fine and strong camera bags and accessories for photographers. They’re supporting my work and help me keep my camera and lenses in the proper way without breaking my spine in the field. I’m using the Streetwalker Harddrive Backpack and since about one year of use it’s still proving to be the best backpack I ever used.

Wimberley produces some of the most well known gimbal heads on the market. They are strongly built, easy to use and deserve a true respect among photographers. Their sidekick gimbal head is something I never leave at home when out for birds and mammals.


¬†Led Lenser is simply the best torches manufacturer to me. Their headlamp series is perfect for my nature works, it’s rechargeable and eco-friendly and it comes with adjustable cables for the most variate situations. The hand-held torches like their X7R model are just POWERFUL!


The people behind Natura magazine are motivated and they strongly believe in nature. I collaborated many times with them and they’re also partners of my workshops.