Ant save the queen: meet the bullet ant’s queen

No jokes, this is just a very short post that will be followed by other ones soon. I’m just back from a long month in Peru, where I also found a beautiful super giant queen of the bullet ant (Paraponera clavata).

I must admit that I didn’t try the stinging of bullet ants, preferring a more “polite” behavior of keeping a safe distance behind my lens, even if I know that the sting of this ant is rather less powerful than what’s told in the net.
A true beauty and a bless for a macro photographer, since it a 3 cm long ant, very calm and inquisitive. Ants are a pain when it comes to photographing them on the white background, cause you’ve got to catch them and they start to run like hell everywhere except in the point where you need them. The queen, in a very regal way, just walked a bit, raised her head and let me take a few shots of her. thanks Her Majesty!