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Good lungless mom: Hydromantes strinatii

I know I know… you think your mommy is the best in the world! She surely is, but believe me or not, she’s in good company! There are lungless cave salamanders which can protect their eggs against fungi, bacteria and predators by standing, fighting and starving for no less than 9 months.

Nuove edizioni per i Predatori

Doppia edizione della mostra scientifica che organizzo ormai da tanti anni! Un’edizione per la mostra “Predatori del Microcosmo”, questa volta al Museo Civico di Storia Naturale di Morbegno (SO) ed una per “Zanne, corazze e veleni” a Roma presso il Museo Civico di Zoologia.

Even more s…t today!

Well, it’s been a while I didn’t update my website but you know, I was busy with shit… yes, well, shit-like animals I must admit. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a perv, but it’s just that into nature there’s more than one species that look like other animal’s poop (scientists call it “fecal mimicry”)!

A night into the forest

At Wayqecha Biological Station my photography group followed a researcher to look for frogs and other smaller creatures in the steep slopes of the Peruvian cloud forest which, for the sake of justice, wasn’t cloudy at all that night!