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Scratchy Andes

While at Wayqecha Biological Station on the Andes I photographed this Simulium (Psilopelmia) bicoloratum, also called “that damned sons of a b..ch”, sucking my own blood with permission.

Go out and shoot: the best from the worst

When some days ago I visited the local Apennine pond where thousands montane frogs (Rana temporaria) breed each year I couldn’t believe to my eyes. Instead of seeing the amazing congregation I expected I discovered that the season had still to come, but it’s not all folks! Tens of them where laying dead in the bottom […]

The little reeking dragon: Dracunculus vulgaris

Today I had the chance to photograph an amazing plant: the dragon flower (Dracunculus vulgaris). It’s probably a non-native species to Italy, with a very scattered and oddly distributed population. It’s peculiarity is in the inflorescence: a big, rotten meat red colored giant spadix towering at even 1 m above the ground with a total size of about […]