Who’s Emanuele?

This is the website of Emanuele Biggi, Italian PhD naturalist, wildlife photographer and tv presenter.

Since September 2017 I’m a proud Associate Fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers

I’m that kind of person that always found the little known fauna and flora as the main motivation to explore the world. Frogs, spiders, toads or stinky flowers are that sort of living beings that attract my attention like a moth to a spot light. I often joke about being a kind of “nerd”, but in reality, I’m just a person that doesn’t fear to be low on the ground or close to a bark to witness the marvel of this beautiful blue planet, be it a lion or a dung beetle. In this website I decided to show a portion of this immense smaller universe and photography is the main instrument I use to reach people with my message. Here you’ll can find a selection of my latest works, news about me and the nature I love and even information about the scientific exhibitions that tour around Italy and rest of the World.

I’m also a tv presenter here in Italy and this part of my job enable me to reach a vast portion of the Italian people each day.
My whole work doesn’t aim to force a change in people’s minds, I’d just love to act as perspective motion control system to excite everyone’s brain and let them perceive we’re really not living in a world only made of dogs, cows and savannah lions.

How to get in touch with me

The easiest way is to drop me an email, but I’m also very active on social platforms like Facebook and Twitter and I always try to answer to everyone, given that I’ve time to do that!

For working enquiries, workshop questions and so on, please just drop me a mail, cause it’s the straightest way to get to me.

My work in tv

Ema_Sveva_GEOIn Italy I’m also working as a tv presenter in a tv program called “GEO”, a show that goes live for three hours each working day (mon to fri) and talks about nature, environment, news, tradition and  also presents some very nice documentaries from around the world. I work together with Sveva Sagramola, that presented this program since many years, with passion and professional attitude.
Being in tv it’s a great opportunity to talk about many aspects of my passion about nature, conservation and environment. This part of my work keeps me away from long expeditions in the wild for about 9 months each year, since mid-September to mid-May, but the audience I can reach it’s astonishing (around one to two millions people each day) and this balances well the absence of “wildlife” in my working week.

Contact me

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What photographic and field equipment I use?

I’m not too much a geek for what photography is concerned, but I love to work with durable stuff that will serve me for longtime before being destroyed by me and by time.

Camera and lenses

I use Nikon cameras since when I began to photograph, this is the short story!
The technical reason about using them for my work since digital arrived is mainly due to the perfect way they manage the wireless flash system. Another reason is that I always found the Nikon menus more ergonomic compared to other brands.
There’s not so much about camera to tell you about.
About lenses, I normally use Nikon, but I shift to other brands if I need a specific feature, like a wideangle for close range images like those you often see in this site.


I tried everything in the past, I passed from Tamrac to LowePro, but now, since about 2011 I’m working with ThinkTank and Mindshift and I truly love these bags manufacturer. They build the toughest and most durable stuff in the market, as well the most comfortable ones. My beloved Streetwalker Harddrive backpack is also very lightweight and well padded, so I never had any problem with it both in urban settlements, cloud forests and deserts. When I need a smaller pack, I use the Airport Essentials backpack that fit into even the smallest plane’s overhead locker and goes well unnoticed in crowdy conditions.
About Mindshift I normally use their FirstLight 30L model when I need to carry longer lenses, or the amazing Rotation 180° Pro when going into landscape and/or macro mode. This last one is great for muddy or very wet places for the possibility to take everything from the bag without putting it to the floor.


Feisol is supporting me since some years with their perfectly built tripods and I mainly use them. I also have another tripod that I sometimes use for macro. What I look in a tripod is: lightweight, a central tilting column and very low height to work very low on the ground, carbon fiber to absorb the vibrations and a very fast way to extend the legs.

Outdoor equipment

To go out at night in nature I always use LedLenser torches, with bright led, high life batteries and the possibility to skip from battery packs to normal AA batteries for my headlamp H14R.2 or the new amazing XEO19R. I mainly use that model together with the P7 hand torch and the X7R for more powerful light when needed. Other torches I often use are those running ones like the LedLenser SEO 7R, perfect to have a powerful headlamp by saving space and weight on head and pouches.

Other stuff

When I’m in the field I often use Ferrino wear and equipment. I love their HighLab series, with really high end material for the worst winter weathers.

As well as MaGear very hi-tech military level jackets, camera straps, wind stopping lightweight jackets and belt pouches.