Emanuele Biggi – Naturalist & Photographer

Naturalist, wildlife and conservation photographer, tv presenter. Frogs and bugs nerd.
Predators addicted, sex-fangs-and rock’n’roll

From Nature to Science through Conservation and Communication

My work is all about nature and conservation.
I’m trying to inject into people new and fresh interest  about lesser known or endangered animals, mostly in the little known world of Arthropods, Amphibians and Reptiles.
We live in a vast planet full of life we only partially perceive, because of our dimensions. I’m working for that greater fraction that’s also  the smaller-sized one.

The survival of the human species on Earth is subjected to the survival of the other forms of life, not the contrary

It’s all about biodiversity. Our world is a playground for life and death, where the fulcrum is the health of every ecosystem.
By losing a “piece” of nature, we lose part of us, including a sense of beauty and culture.