Go out and shoot: the best from the worst

When some days ago I visited the local Apennine pond where thousands montane frogs (Rana temporaria) breed each year I couldn’t believe to my eyes.

Instead of seeing the amazing congregation I expected I discovered that the season had still to come, but it’s not all folks! Tens of them where laying dead in the bottom of the small portion of pond already free from snow and ice. The situation wasn’t really a nice one, but as a naturalist I perceived that something could be told about that.

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The little reeking dragon: Dracunculus vulgaris

Today I had the chance to photograph an amazing plant: the dragon flower (Dracunculus vulgaris). It’s probably a non-native species to Italy, with a very scattered and oddly distributed population. It’s peculiarity is in the inflorescence: a big, rotten meat red colored giant spadix towering at even 1 m above the ground with a total size of about 30 cm (or even a bit more). And the smell… Oh… that smell…

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