Fratercula artica (Puffin)

Farne Islands and Isle of May, birds sanctuaries

I’m just back from some days in UK before packing and departing once again, this time to Borneo. I’ve been visiting Farne Islands and Isle of May.

I must admit this wasn’t anything more than a vacation trip, as you can easily argue by the kind of shots below, not related to small animals.
I was totally overwhelmed by the amazing and unbridled wildlife living along the shores of these small islands. Seabirds everywhere, even inside my pockets if I didn’t double check before leaving (just joking).
I also witnessed some very nice behaviors like the battling for food between puffins and gulls or the fierce nest-defensive behavior of the arctic terns!
Enjoy this short gallery, while I still have to check them all for more shots.. Maybe one day I’ll add a full static page about these places.
Cheers all