Dead leaf katydid (probably Typophyllum sp.), Cosnipata, Peru

Sometimes you need true macro

You know, I normally like the wide-angle macro techniques to have both my subject and its habitat in the same frame.

But hey, macro – true macro – is actually what we need in some occasions to show at best the silhouettes and colors of the stunning smaller animals that inhabit our Earth. In this short gallery I put some of the macro shots I did in Peru on 2014 and, believe me or not, they all belong to different species of crickets (mostly katydids Tettigonidae Pseudophyllinae) from the Peruvian Andes. The lichen katydid Markia sp. for example takes hide on lichens, which are also their food.

For these shots I mainly used a Nikon D800 together with the 105mm VR Nikon and the Af-s 60mm macro Nikon plus some wireless Nikon flashes.