Researcher Alessandro Catenazzi looking for frogs inside the forest

Awarded at Nature Image Awards competition

I was recently awarded by Nature Image Awards competition, held by IUCN and Terre Sauvage magazine.

My weaver ants story was commended in the “Natural History” portfolio section and, most importantly, my Amphibians conservation story won the third prize in the “Conservation story” section.
I’m happy that competition around the world are giving more and more attention to conservation of the smaller multitude more often than before.
This is the primary engine that drives me to participate to such competitions. The “smaller majority” as Prof. Piotr Naskrecki calls it, needs and deserves more interest as we are understanding that even insects and spiders, normally overlooked animals, are sometimes in danger by human pressure on this planet. If the smaller bonds break, the whole net of life will fall as well, taking us down with it. These animals are also to me the sparks and glitter of life of Earth, we would have a much duller world if most of them would disappear because of our negligence.