VH-40 special central column kit

Feisol tripod

As a nature photographer I often work in dim light and all alone, so I often need a sturdy but rather light tripod to help me with my camera and flashes.

Since I found Feisol tripods they got me. I normally use the CT-3442 Tournament tripod, a medium-size, carbon fiber tripod that only weight about 1 kg. Being made of carbon fiber, even if it’s not heavy, it keeps its position and absorb every vibration pretty well. I love lightweight tripods, cause they never lead you to think “ok, today I have to walk, I’ll leave the tripod at home”.

As visible in the pictures, I added to the ct-3442 the useful Feisol VH-40 adapter kit, that adds a very versatile tilting central column to the tripod.

This is particularly utile for my preferred technique, the wideangle macro photography. This type of technique involves the use of particular wideangle lenses to photograph a close, little subject, portraying it inside its own habitat. To achieve a good result it’s often necessary to have the greatest depth of field, so photographing hand-held could be a problem even with a wide angle, given the lack of light.

Even in difficult terrains this tripod permits me to be open upside-down, lowering even more its central horizontal column, reaching every needed position!

Another thing I like so much is the very fast legs release system, which let me variate the legs length with only a one third turn of the screw lockers! Amazingly fast and it never miss to hold once screwed in.
Just for the record, I normally use the Feisol CB-40D ball head, that is just what I need for all my working purposes. If you’re planning to often use big lenses like a 400mm f/2,8 or up, maybe with a gimbal sidekick mounted on, I’d advise a slightly bigger one, like the CB-50D model. Anyway, for what my work is concerned, the CB-40B, with its friction system is a very sturdy and precise ball head.

Last but not least, Feisol is managed by some very nice people. When I personally met them in Photokina 2012, they showed me how their tripods where built, we chatted a lot about how they solved all the old bugs in the first Feisol models. I just loved how they transmitted their passion for what they build. Feisol is a rather young brand, that entered the tripods market in 2002, spinning-off from its previous carbon fiber tubes manufacturing industry. They just know what to do with carbon fiber…