HWS High Weight Strap

A new camera strap by MaGear

I just received the new camera strap from MaGear: the HWS High Weight Strap. I was waiting for it cause I needed something both versatile and strong enough for heavier lenses. I now “see the light”!

Once upon arrival I mounted one on my Nikon D810 camera and I went to try it on the Alps with the heaviest of my lenses, a Nikon 200-400mm VRII.
This stap is built in super-duper strong military-class material and the first impression is awesome: lightweight, comfortable and wow…modular.
The clips can easily support at least 100 kg when suspended vertically and they’re virtually impossible to break if you step on them.

Moreover, they can be attached to any 2,5 wide strap or belt (even a waist belt), so you can turn the classical neck-strap setup with a backpack shoulder strap setup. Their holding ability also permits you to safely attach the camera to just one clip without any need to be worried about.

MaGear is a very new Italian camera gear brand, but hell yeah, they know what they’re doing!