Even more s…t today!

Well, it’s been a while I didn’t update my website but you know, I was busy with shit… yes, well, shit-like animals I must admit. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a perv, but it’s just that into nature there’s more than one species that look like other animal’s poop (scientists call it “fecal mimicry”)!

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Finding a friend again: the giant alpine spider Vesubia jugorum

There are moments and experiences that just stay there, in your mind, forever. And they come up when you’re doubtful of the future, about what you’ve done of your life. They come to mind also during lighter and happier moments, as when you remember them together with the people that were there with you. The Giant Alpine spider Vesubia jugorum is the keeper-species of one of those experiences.

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A night into the forest

At Wayqecha Biological Station my photography group followed a researcher to look for frogs and other smaller creatures in the steep slopes of the Peruvian cloud forest which, for the sake of justice, wasn’t cloudy at all that night!

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Namibia and Etosha, photographic tour 2016

Led by Emanuele Biggi, naturalist and professional wildlife photographer

With the local guide Phillip Conradie (Africa Windows)


Departing June 3rd, return June 17th 2016  (14 days plus flights)

A really complete naturalistic and photographic trip for a small group of people (max 10 people). We’ll visit some of the most amazing zones of the Namib desert, inhabited by unique species of animals and plants.

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